Analysis of Skin Roughness, Wrinkles, Cellulitis

Our in-vivo 3D scanner dermaTOP-blue was specially optimised for dermatological and cosmetic applications, for precise measurement and examination of human skin without the need of replicas.
The sensor is equipped with a narrow-band light source in the blue spectral range ensuring to depict the skin structure with optimum contrast. The result is an even more reliable analysis of roughness and other characteristic features of the dermal topography.

This narrow-band light source in the blue spectral range has a number of decisive advantages:

  • Blue light does not penetrate the skin deeply, and is well reflected from the surface.
  • The improved contrast provides very accurate data of the dermal topography.
  • The extremely fast measurement (about 200 milliseconds) allows in-vivo data acquisition.
  • No replicas are required.
  • Nevertheless replicas can, of course, also be measured.
  • A digital camera featuring 1.384 x 1.036 pixels ensures best resolution and speed.
  • The objective lenses of the camera are easily exchangeable and cover the following measurement areas: 20 x 15 mm / 40 x 30 mm / 80 x 60 mm.
  • Images taken at different times can be compared by best-fit algorithms.

In-vivo digitisation with dermaTOP

  • Apart from the DIN surface roughness parameters Rz and Ra, other useful analysis tools are available, e.g. histograms, graphic surface and volume comparisons.
  • Correlation with laser profilometry has been proven in detailed studies.
  • The sensor weights only 1.5 kg.
  • The system can be controlled by a laptop and is therefore highly portable.
  • Further applications concern, for example, the measurement of wounds and scars, and the analysis and quality control of leather.