Fast – Accurate – Reliable

These are the identifying words for today´s production development and optimisation, quality assurance and inspection, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping. To meet these requirements, optical metrology methods have been continuously developed, adapted and improved to produce 3D digitisation and measurement results of any sized or shaped object at a very high level of resolution and accuracy.

For more than two decades, Breuckmann and Metronor have been innovative outriders and leaders in the development and manufacturing of sophisticated and powerful systems used in the field of optical metrology. Given a very diversified and easily adjustable product spectrum, Breuckmann systems cover a wide range of technical applications such as reverse engineering, inspection, rapid prototyping, rapid design, surface inspection and many others. The Norwegian company Metronor AS in the meantime has developed an impressive range of high accuracy portable coordinate measuring systems (CMM) based on electro-optics.

The combination of a Metronor duo portable CMM and a Breuckmann stereoSCAN 3D white-light scanning system offers previously unknown flexibility and accuracy to users of portable measurement equipment.
While the Metronor duo system sets up a large working volume, the stereoSCAN 3D thanks to its unique configuration precisely and quickly scans areas up to one square meter per shot. With the help of the navigation target mounted to the back of the scanner, stitching several shots together works seamlessly and without any need of user interaction. Furthermore, the navigation target allows complete freedom for any movement and position of the scanner. During the scan sequence, the system even monitors and notices any movement of the scanner or part, thereby assuring most precise measurement and scan results.

Data evaluation with Polyworks software

With a Breuckmann naviSCAN 3D, scanning and probing has never been so easy. The system offers the ideal solution for inspection and reverse engineering tasks on large components, even under very demanding industrial conditions. See the difference in quality, speed and robustness!



For an interesting and impressive application of our naviSCAN 3D, we encourage you to take a look at our Wyman Gordon application report. Wyman Gordon in Worcester (MA, USA) is a major supplier of forgings to both military and commercial aerospace manufacturers. The naviSCAN 3D system is being used for first-article inspection as well as reverse engineering or shape verification of old tooling. Thanks to the unique configuration and capacity of the naviSCAN 3D, the specific challenges to obtain highly accurate data even in a hostile forging shop, e.g. the large dimensions of the components (measuring up to 27 ft / 9 m in length) and the very hot dies (up to 900 degrees), can be easily avoided.