The High-End 3D Digitising System

The high-resolution digitising system optoTOP-HE is the result of consistent development of our well-established optoTOP system which has, over the last 15 years, become one of the most successful topometric measuring systems with several hundred installations worldwide.

Great Flexibility

The range of standard measuring areas has been further extended:
The system is available with three standard sensor bases and nine measuring ranges, covering diagonals from 50 mm up to 775 mm. Additional tele lenses and wide-angle lenses enable measurement areas between 30 and 1050 mm (diagonal). Furthermore, customised sensor configurations ranging from a few mm2 to approx. 5 m2 can be offered on request.


All measurement areas can be simply and swiftly adjusted by exchanging either the camera lens or the sensor base. At a weight of only 2 kg, the sensor can easily be mounted onto various positioning systems, such as robots and CMMs.

High Speed

The patented MPT (miniature projection technique) projection unit enables extremely rapid data acquisition within approximately one second.

High Accuracy

A carbon fibre base structure ensures optimum mechanical and thermal stability of the sensor. Calibration can be performed by the user himself within minutes, thus always ensuring a high degree of accuracy.

High Definition

Featuring 1.4 mega pixels (optionally 6.6 mega pixels) and a digital zoom, the digital camera provides maximum resolution.