The Perfect Tool for All Your 3D Digitisation Tasks

With the objective to further expand the application areas of our systems and provide them to a widening range of users, we have developed the smartSCAN 3D system. The smartSCAN 3D is addressed to users who wish to obtain accurate and reliable digitisation results at a reasonable expense.

Always true to the mission of delivering highly precise 3D data sets, the smartSCAN 3D is the ideal system for high-end digitisation, particularly for applications in technical tasks, education, arts and cultural heritage. Wherever the generation of reliable, accurate data sets is required, the smartSCAN 3D will deliver.

Its new, compact design provides easy, user-friendly handling and flexibility. Available as Basic or Duo system, the smartSCAN 3D can be set up with either one or two colour cameras and one projection unit. It is thanks to this design concept, that the system can be easily configured to cover a very wide range of applications and measuring objects.

Scanning of a prehistorical stele (Spain)